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What is CCSVI & The Liberation Treatment?

CCSVI ( chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency ) also coined the Liberation Procedure - Named and found by Dr. P Zamboni of Italy. Dr. Zamboni submitted his finding to the journel of medicine Nov. 2009. A breakthrough for MSer's and maybe many others in the long run. In Laymens terms CCSVI is the narrowing or blockage of veins in the neck and chest. The testing for this is a Venogram ( doppler imaging with dye ) and the Treatment is a simple Angioplasty  ( expanding of veins ).
Dr. Zamboni and other Doctors reports have found that there is a very high percentage that MSer's have CCSVI. When the treatment has been done in MSer's and blood flow has been returned to normal the results are nothing short of miraculous. No matter who is doing this procedure in the world they test first for the blockages or narrowing and if there is they go ahead. It is not like people are having the procedure just because. Angeoplasty has been common since 1984 no research needs to be done on the testing or procedure. It is about the results MSer's are getting that has the spin going on. We as MSer's just want the choice anyone else has to have this done worldwide. In our own Country of Canada as of now we are not even allowed proper testing let alone angeoplasty. But anyone else without those lettters *MS can have it done if they need it. This is not right or fair and we hope you will stand with us in our choice. Ms can be and is a very damaging debilitating disease and if anything can help wouldn't you go to the ends of the earth to help those you love? I bet most would answer YES.
Below are two examples of people who have had the Liberation procedure from You Tube in their own words.
The first video is a very moving example of MS, CCSVI & results after only 3 days....... enjoy the video.

The three examples above are just a few case result of Liberation. There are thousands of results now and the numbers are growing daily. People are going to Poland , Bulgaria, Mexico, India and many other countries for treatment. More than 47 countries are doing this procedure although only a handful seem to be doing it the Zamboni way so they get the bulk of people going to them.
To us and many other MSer's if there is narrowing or blockage of the veins in anyway fix them. The procedure to fix this has been common place in hospitals all over Canada since 1984. This is not a new procedure only the results for MSer's is new.
And any result or better quality of life for MSer's is amazing. MS is such a nasty disease taking so much from those who have it and their loved ones.
As of October 28th 2010 there has been well over 3000 documented CCSVI procedures done. All with varioius degree's of improvements for MSer's but the key is there is a better quality of life for them.
Thank you for suporting us in our journey for Liberation for my wife Tracey.
Below is another Liberation in the news (Aug.20th 2010) and a pretty good story so I thought I would add it to the site. Enjoy and keep fighting for testing and treatment of CCSVI for MSer's thank you. DJ

Recently in  Ottawa another from the heart speach with a punch............ Below>

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Thank you for your help Tracey and I thank you all so very much. Together we will make it to our goal of Liberation for Tracey. 

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