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HEALTH: Sarnia woman seeks MS treatment

Daughter's bracelets offer hope

Tracey Scheiding's world came crashing down in 2006.

The mother of two went to the doctor a few days before her 40th birthday after she starting seeing double and experiencing a numbing sensation in her face.

She was referred to a specialist, then got the terrifying diagnosis: multiple sclerosis. Scheiding was devastated.

But one night, while watching the news, Scheiding saw a ray of hope.

She watched a segment about a controversial new treatment, pioneered by Italian Dr. Paolo Zamboni, that uses angioplasty to open an MS patient's veins.

"I was excited. I was crying," Scheiding said. "It was incredible ... People are getting it done and it's working."

However, Scheiding's hopes were quickly dashed after learning the procedure isn't available in Canada. The Canadian government wants several years of testing before it will back the procedure.

The procedure is available in dozens of other countries, although it costs thousands of dollars.

So Scheiding's 18-year-old daughter, Beth, decided to take action.

She began making bracelets and selling them for $5 to raise money for her mother's "liberation treatment."

"It's for her to get liberated from MS," Beth Scheiding said.

The bracelets are made from hemp, a durable material that doesn't break down, and take about 10 minutes each to make, she added.

Currently, Scheiding is on a wait list to undergo angioplasty in New York.

Her daughter is trying to raise $10,000 to cover the cost of her mother's travel, testing, treatment and accommodation.

"I think we'll make it because I'm determined," said Beth, who has already raised $1,000.

Beth is also organizing a car wash on Saturday at KD exteriors, located at 140 Russell St., starting at 11 a.m.

The bracelets are available at The Book Keeper, Bluewater Nutrition and State Farm.

To make a donation, visit

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Above is the Sarnia Observer write-up about our daughter Beths fundraising for her mother Tracey's CCSVI / MS treatment. We are so proud of our daughter who has spent the last couple weeks making and selling braceletts. She put them in locations around Sarnia ie:  Louise Dottori State Farm on Murphy Rd., Book Keeper Northgate Plaza , Bluewater Nutrition Zellers Plaza.
The Car Wash that was today Sat. Aug. 14 had a wonderful turnout and we are now moving on to the next fundraiser. Special thanks to all who are supporting us and who have helped so far. We will make it to our goal I know it. love and light Darin & Tracey 

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Stay strong MSer's this is real hope somthing we haven't had before. There is more than enough evidence of people who have been liberated that say it's worth fighting the good fight for Liberation........God bless each and every one of you. D & T