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The Man behind the Gifts..............
     Hello and thank you for coming to my site.  My name is Darin James I am a family man first. I have been with my wife 39 yrs and together we have created a beautiful family.
    As a psychic see-er I help with the lessons of life to the loss of loved ones. Able to see past events, future events as well as spirit communication and channelling. (When an event has emotions attached to it the vibrations are stronger . Making the event stand out even more.) It's all about the energy within and around all of us. This transfer of energies can heal, warn,verify, and help in so many ways.
      I was adopted as a baby and grew up mostly in southern Ontario. It really wasn't until the passing of my great grandmother (my adoptive fathers grandmother) Meme  that I knew I was in for one heck of a ride in life. I was very close to Meme she cared for me from the beginning until my first school yrs. My parents didn't want to upset me when she went into hospital near the end. Keeping things from me for my sake but it only made it worse. Since I knew she was very sick and was experiencing my first death energies which to a kid is a mind blowing experience. I knew she was gone before they even came home and told me. It was at the funeral that things really changed for me.
We went in and I went past her casket the first time with my family . She lay sleeping  with poppies all around the open lid and so many people everywhere. She was very loved and well known , after a while they just kind of let me wonder around. I felt I had to go see her myself so I walked into the side room she was in off the main room . All of a sudden I could smell her favorite flowers lilacs and all the people were suddenly gone.... I mean everyone just me standing alone in front of her sleeping body. Than a tap on my shoulder to see her standing in front of me as healthy and a solid as I have ever seen her.
I remember it like it happened yesterday. She told me what happened to her and that she and I would be ok. That she had to go home and would be there when I came many many yrs from now. She helped me understand and her presence was soooo calming. Then as suddenly as she came she left and there I was no longer alone the place full of people again. I ran outside to the parking lot and cryed my eyes out . I finally could release and understand what was happening in the loss of my great grandmother.  The shock of what I had just experienced I 'm sure, was part of it to. I tried to tell my family of this but they just thought I was imagining it. I soon found out this was just the beginning of a life I really didn't understand and I couldn't talk to anyone about it really.
   As I grew up there were so many experiences and I learned to use the knowings and energy to help warn me. I knew of things before they happened and I knew what people were going through . Emotional energy is very powerful be it good or bad energies they flow strong whenever there is emotion attached to them.
    I worked as a nurse in chronic care & psychiatric facilities for many yrs . Workers in this line of work can become what they call Institutionalized ( meaning they lack the outward caring they once had due to seeing death and other stressful things on a daily basis) many other jobs also have this issue, but for me caring is partly why I did the work . My gifts made me a very effective nurse but he also became very drained from dealing with death on a daily basis amung other things.
    Honestly it wasn't until I met my wife to be who was a skeptic at the time that I began to truely understand that maybe these gifts are a good thing. I tried to hide the feelings and avoid using the gifts. The more I tried the stronger they got. With her help I really started learning control and learning my limit s . I have spent my whole life thus far with these gifts and I do see them as a true gift from God now.
It was when I found my birth family and that I was not alone in this that life really started changing for me. I wasn't alone anymore wow that felt so good. It was like we never were apart the bond was so strong between my birth mother and I.
She has the gifts as well and has been a godsend to me. Mom explained her life with the gifts and that it was passed down to her and along the family.
    The next thing was the God issue......... yes I said it the God issue. I was raised by former catholic family that left the church and were not godly at all. I still had this urge since I was a child to know more about God. I remember asking Jesus into my heart as a nine yr old boy. I went to different meetings of different religions just to know more. It was a pull I couldn't explain and def not from my family. Problem is I would hear them say psychics are bad ..... even evil, each one said follow me the only right religion or go to hell...... ok ok so confusion is setting in. I eventually got so into it I researched various religions for 13 yrs looking for my answers. I actually had a paster once say to me that it was evil and I should not think on these so called gifts...... ya right If I could shut them off I would have yrs ago.
The thing is my gifts have only brought good and have only been used for good.... to me it is like prophacy or second site in the bible. I feel God gave me these gifts for a reason and I am a good person so how can it be bad.
Now I prob have a few going what christian psychic ok right. Yes I consider myself christian but I am a psychic as well. God wants us to live right and do right it's pretty simple really.  I am glad I have god in my life because now I know there is truth to the other side and as science has shown every action has an equal reaction. There is good and bad in all area's of life and beyond. God gives me the tools I need to handle the bad or true evil when it does show itself and for that I am glad.
I am not your run of the mill psychic, it's not even something I ever wanted to do. I was born with this and  I know I am meant to help those in need . I have been doing so all my life and will continue.
I just wanted to share a bit about how I got to here and I will share more very soon.
If you do need help I would only be to glad to help you ........... DJ.
Grave yards & Burrial Sites................
        One thing I was surprised to find was souls in grave yards.
Of course newly departed will visit the grave site in many cases. I have found that very old souls also hang around these sites. I think they do because everything they recognize is no longer the same. Their home may be long gone the people they knew etc.. but the site of burial is sacred and familiar. These are mostly souls who had unfinished business and did not pass over for one reason or another.
Our Haunted Home............
     My wife and I moved into an old farm house yrs back . My son was four at the time. I rented the home because of the Barn . I was in the antiques and refinishing business at the time the old chicken barn was perfect. The house was a bonus since I could literally walk to work .
      Soon after moving in we all were having uncomfortable feelings just being around the home. The odd thing for me was I slept soundly in this house for the first time in yrs. Due to my gifts I was always a very light sleeper. I feel being an antenna with my gifts they just come to me wanting to comunicate. To make a long story short it wasn't to long before I was contacted by a very strong spirit. The very first conversation I had with him was very eye opening. I was so busy with my shop  getting setup and all the work as well as my day to day with my son and wife I didn't see the signs clearly. This one day working in my shop I just got up from my work for no reason and walked up the stairs to some box's that were there since we moved in . Just old junk all dusty and probably been there for many yrs. I walked right up to them put my hand in one took something out and went back down stairs. When I got back down I then came to my own senses realising what just happened. In my hands was the oldest Ouija board I ever seen. I know sounds like a novel but I sware very true. My friend who worked with me said lets try it.... he didn't know I already had many feelings about this place. We activated the board and from that moment on we both were contacted by many souls. Continuing for a few yrs for both of us.
   The first was this man very well spoken but not very schooled. Now in this conversation he informed me that I was living on the original settlement for the area. That his family the Martins made their mark that stood to this day. It was then that it clicked that I do live on Martin rd. On the original Martin family farm. He insisted on being called Mr. Martin even though he did give me his full name. He was also like the moderator to the other souls who also stayed within this land we were on. There were six who were around most of the time.... Mr Martin, and indian woman, family members of the martin family over the yrs and one who called herself a witch. They would tell me when people were coming and who was coming to the home. Warn me of dangers like the tornado that came through one yr litterally saving me by getting to the ditch ontime.
So many things I could write a book on this alone...... after some time the Ouija board wasn't needed it was the doorway combined with my gifts that opened up on this farm.  I can feel it if I pass by the old place even now.
Warning ...Do not use a Ouija board they can be very dangerous in the hands of a novice. For whatever reason do work and open a door to the other side that any soul good or bad can come through . I have recounted above one of my experiences with one. But I have also helped others many times who have used them. This item is sold as a novelty toy and can cause  harm if misused.
I have found also that a group using a Ouija may not know one among them or more could have gifts only increasing the effectivness of the board...... everything from simple comunications to poltergeist activity ( things moving or in one case a glass across the room).
My Thoughts---- I have told you things on this page to share some of myself and how I got here. My main motive is to let those like myself know they are not alone and to always help those who need it and are guided to my door. 
News: I have just finished my very first book. It is just back from editing and should be published in the coming weeks. It is called Answers. I tried to keep this first book very simple and to the point. A starting point for anyone with gifts, paranormal experiences to any interest in the paranormal. I look forward to sharing it with you all very soon. Blessings DJ.
My Book Answers - is now available online at blurb http://www.blurb.ca/b/4460194-answers click the link to order your paper or digital copy. Also available at Calm n Scents and The Book Keeper in Sarnia. Get a signed copy from Darin James in person.

Keeping An Open Mind is only the beginning of the journey............
Books I suggest reading:
The Celestine Prophecy (NY times best seller) by James Redfield.
- This is the first of a three book series I found the books much more interesting than the movie when it came out. It's a book that talks of the energy that binds us all and much more.
Three Magic Words - by US Anderson
- A book that I had to read several times to truely get all that it had to offer but I would recommend it to any seeking answers to who we are and why we are here.
Sylvia Browne - world renoun psychic/ medium
- Her book on conversations with the other side and her book about her life story I found very interesting. Sylvia has many books worth reading.