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Life after Death , Ghosts, Spirits & More.
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More about the man behind the gifts-
First off I want to tell you a bit more about myself & my beliefs. Yes as I have stated I am also Christian. Now I am not part of any organized religion but I have been in the past. I was raised Roman Catholic twice baptised as a child. My adoptive family who raised me was not religious in the yrs raising me. But I had a wanting to know more about God. So I joined prayer groups and went to different denominational church's when we moved various times looking for these answers.  In my adult yrs I still wanted to know more so I took courses in theology and read every bible I could get my hands on. I wanted to know the why's and what's . How come one religion says they are the one and others say the same yet putting down each other as being wrong? After all they were all Christians you would think they would have some common ground. Then that expanded into other faiths.
I 've always had an open mind and listened and learned what others say before passing any thought or judgement of my own. That has come in very handy for me over the yrs.
I even had more than one pastor tell me that my gifts were evil and wrong I needed to cleanse this out of me............ what?
The way I see it all that my gifts have brought me has been good . And from what I understand from the religions  is this isn't much different from second sight or prophetic sight. It would be different if negative was coming from the gifts . But they have always been positive.
How? What? Why?- Death
   So as I explained on another page we are all energy. When this energy leaves our body we are free from the confines of that body. We are still who we are and all that made us who we are.
There are many cases of near death , hovering over your body and recalling word for word what doctors and nurses have said in the operating room and more.
Death is the next step when we are cut from our body perminantly. In most cases through my work I find that the soul or energy being that we are stays around for a length of time after death. Concern for others we left behind , our funerals , watching over our loved ones etc.
We then have a choice and there are varrying factors here. Most go on across the viel to "Heaven" or whatever you choose to call it. This is when I can not make contact they are gone to me. I do know time has no meaning on the other side. It may be days , weeks , months or yrs. Then all of a sudden the soul returns to watch over loved ones. This happens alot and would be what I call the norm.
Now some souls don't leave and cross over...... they either choose to stay , are asked to stay , don't realize what has happened or in the case of sudden deaths get stuck on this side of the viel. Emotion is a big factor here....... the soul thinking he/she must protect loved ones, or built a family home and feels the need to protect the home or other objects and places.
     Don't worry in most cases we all have family and loved ones waiting on us to cross and even the so called lost souls do received help from others and since time is meaningless on the other side they will help for as long as it takes to bring you over.
I must say at this point the majority of souls do cross with no difficulty of anykind.
The souls who return to our plain of existance I refer to as Spirits. These are souls who have crossed and come back for whatever reason.
The souls who never crossed or wait around I call Ghosts. They have not crossed and need to feed off energy around us to manifest and gain power.
Do not fear the unexplained or spirit entities .....if any of you have seen these plentiful "Ghost Hunting shows" you will see out of hundreds of investigations nobody gets hurt. Things have been moved and sometimes scratched or touched . But very very rarely has anyone been physically harmed.
Ghosts want attanttion , Spirits are positive energy either or  takes alot of energy to even manifest in the slightest way.
From my work I have found that most myths and stories from Ghosts to many others come from a place of truth. That is expanded  in legend and stories from generation to generation distorting the truth over time but still always rooted in some form of true beginnings.
Be careful you ghost hunters out there take your work very seriously. Even the nicest spirit or ghost can be upset by many things . Also like in the case of Ouija boards which are a portal to the other side. There are also negative nasty entities out there. Always protect yourself and be knowledgeable before going out and facing the unknown.
I know many cases of people who took this subject lightly and soon regretted it.
If you have any questions or experiences of your own you would like me to reply to or talk about pleast feel free to e mail me and I will post on my site.
In conclusion I do believe in God  and his power to protect and heal. I feel he has people on this earth who have gifts to help those in need here. I feel my Gifts are God given and I thank him for them everyday.

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