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Feedback I have received from clients......... mail me yours if you want it posted.  darinjames@darinjamesonline.com
-just got a copy of your book Answers and found it a wonderful guide for the novice easy to comprehend and read,I'm going to purchase several copy's and have them for those who come to see me. Looking forward to your next sequels. Sandra Branford Ontario

-Love your web page. Awesome as always and yes I will buy your book. Love you and your family forever :) Aline
-Darin has helped my daughter and I with both large and small problems and/or decisions over the years. I can always count on his insight to help make the path a bit smoother to travel. His latest help was in clearing my house of a pesky spirit that tagged along on one of my clients. This young spirit was turning radios on and off throughout the house and moving items. It even threw my keys on the floor. It definitely wanted my attention. Darin cleared my house and gave me some helpful tips to keep things in check. I really appreciate his help and advice. C.A.
- I've been so lucky to have met Darin..he has been a god sent to me not only gid he give me a true life reading on my life... but I have taken the info he has provided me with and it has become life altering he was so exact on all he told me I am truely amazed at the changes..I would hight recommend Darin. Thank you Darin for everything!!! W.S.
-Thank you Darin. You have helped so much. More than you know.       Kathleen.
- This was my second reading with Darin, and to say he took my breath away is an understatement! My father passed away from a heart attack and I was having a hard time dealing with it. He helped me find closure with his death because he picked up on loads of details but significantly a couple of things that no one would ever know except for my Father & I. The details were startling!
Equally, the way he delivers the information to you is nothng but warming, professional & definitely caring.
Highly recommend Darin for your reading and is a total value for your money.
- In my role with the Rescue Mediums, I have had the privilege of meeting and working with many gifted psychic mediums , and Darin is one of the special ones.   Darin can tap into the present, past and future with ease and accuracy.
 He links in with your energy, his guides and those in spirit to convey the healing messages that you most need
to hear at this given time.  He has a beautiful energy...E.D. producer Rescue Mediums.

- Darin confirmed the results of my life long research into a medical condition that has baffled doctors here in the states. Darin listens to you but he really see's things that nobody can see. I feel my consultation with Darin brought me hope and my attitude towards life has significantly changed. Darin brought happiness to my life and I have more positive attitude in order to continue enjoying my life with my partner. Thank you very much Darin!!! Abel Chicago USA