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Psychic Counsellor -  Relationship  difficulties , stress, despair, loss of a loved one. There are so many things that stressful and cause havoc in our lives. Having so many issues weighing a person down makes it hard to see the light at the end for many. Talking to someone with insight and experience may add the perspective you need.  Part of what Darin James does is psychic counseling.  His past experience working at STPH and years as a Certified Nurse Aid in psychiatric & geriatric facilities, combined with a life time of helping people with his unique gifts of the psychic nature give DJ the tools to help advise others.
Of course anything of a psychic nature must be deemed for entertainment purposes by law .
Darin James accuracy in psychic readings as well as life experience gives him the unique ability to help clients with the day to day issues with a high rate of success.
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How does it work? How can DJ do what he does?
The emotions that are attached to events of our past , present and future are the strongest. These emotions radiate out from all of us, the stronger the emotion the more energy there is behind it.
When DJ makes contact with your energy which he can do in a variety of ways it is received and translated along with the other energies.
As an example without crossing priavacy or naming names -
A recent client we will call Jane came for a reading. She didn't tell DJ anything about herself or why she came. She had a very troubled aura DJ senced fear, unhappiness , frustration and change. Jane was in a dead end job she didn't enjoy and ended another of a string of unsuccessful relationships. Jane came for one session for almost two hrs.  She was amazed at what DJ told her about her life and the choices that got her where she was. Jane had to face the reality of her situation and the fact that her choices landed her in this unhappy time. They then worked on the posible future she could have if she reached out for it or where this current line of choices will land her.
To make a long story short almost a yr later Jane is not defining herself by the man she is with. She has found strength in herself to be her own boss and create the work she was longing to do. Jane has worked hard to change her life over this time grateful to have had the help to see her way forward. She's in a better place and ready to share this new life with a spouce or partner instead of rely on him to complete her.
This is just an example but a true one of what can and does happen during these sessions. All readings are kept private and confidential .
Not everyone is open to see what has kept them down or to face the changes in this fast pased world we live in.
Darin James has had the ability to see these strong emotional events all his life. Standing in line at a grocery store feeling the pain of divorce on one person, the sadness of loss on another. The happiness of a new relationship and the newness of love in another. Pos or negative these emotional energies go out from all of us and a select few can and do pickup on them.
As for gifted people who either don't know they have the gifts or don't use them on a full time basis issues can arise from these energies being picked up. DJ has counciled many people on why they are feeling such strong emotional changes when they themselves are not facing anything like that at the time. Usually this is a gifted person receiving these energies as if they are their own and not even knowing it. Becoming angry for no reason or sad or a any of the gamet of emotions that can be felt. This is one of the reasons he works with other gifted people and thier discovery of the gifts.
There are many gifted or intuitive people out there that do not protect themselves on a daily basis from these outside effects.

Note from Darin James:
It is all about the energies and the emotions that I pick up .  All readings are kept very private and I will never use any person or case to promote myself. If I can help I do and if not I will say so ....... trust is a two way street .
To all my current clients thank you so much for your faith and trust.  Blessings DJ.


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