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We are currently out of my White Sage Clearing Spray. A lot of research and effort has gone into perfecting this. Thanks to Sandra at http://www.yemaya.ca/ it is now a reality. Instead of burning sage all the time you can keep a bottle handy in your purse, glove box etc. Very handy for smoke free environments. Our White Sage spray is pure natural White Sage essential oils with an added hint of real white sage smoke. The sage spray is made and then bottle under a full moon so it is in limited quantities.Also I will be offering protection totems and more.Keep checking back updates are coming daily....... DJ

Also coming soon: Cleansing kits , White sage leaf packs, bottles of liquid - White sage, sweet grass, and a combination bottle of white sage and sweetgrass.

Check back often for many new items being added to the store.

Buffalo/White Sage
Smudging Spray


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