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Dreams,Free will,Alzheimer's my view
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Hi Darin
>I know this message may seem a little odd & I wouldn't usually be so forward with somebody I do not know nor that I have heard about since my dream last night.
>My mum passed away a few months ago - she was a very spiritual person so is more than likely having a giggle at my expense right now but here it goes!
>I dreamt that myself & my husband were invited to attend a party. We had to approach the party via a large, wide staircase. Once there, my neighbour, mums best friend and and a medium, named Darren James were there to greet us. Lots of laughter & everyone having an absolute ball! A discussion was started about my mum, and the medium kept pointing to his large amethyst crystal earring.
>I awoke quite promptly after this point but keep having your name pop into my head and the amethyst earring!! I have obviously searched the Internet & was quite shocked to see there is a medium called Darren James (albeit spelt differently) plus, the first picture that draws me to your page is the footprints in the sand image! My mums favourite poem which was read at her funeral!
>Anyhow, just thought I would share this With you - I do not feel a need for a reading, but thought I'd share as I find it quite funny how the spirits work their magic!
>Kindest regards
>C C

From DJ- This is my first spirit recommendation. Not only did this persons mother come in a dream which is very common. But she pointed out who to see if this person decided to follow up. They were very surprised by the dream itself but when they looked up my name and found it to be a real person it validated the dream for sure.
Pay attention to your dreams they have many meanings and often spirit will come through in a dream state. This way the contious mind isn't trying to rationalize. Which is why spirit often use dreams to communicate.

What about FREE WILL?
     I get asked this alot because I always tell people that free will still guides us in a direction good or bad. It doesn't matter what you tell me about your life now. Because I see what got you here and where you might be going according to the way things line up right now . But your free will and ability to choose how we react to everyday life can change those varables. So yes you can change things you still have free will.
     If you choose to settle and be safe in the current life your living there will be very little change. Even though I see gifts in you for another line of work altogether. On the other hand if you choose to follow the path of your dreams or gifts in certain area's eventually you can make that goal . But at any time between now and the goal your free will as well as how you react to daily life can change your direction once again.
    On the other hand if you are destined to be or do somthing and you know it . You may aim for that or not causing you to go in all kinds of directions of life but you will always end up at the end goal you were destined for. Thats just the universes way of keeping you on your toes so to speak .
A wise man once said to me " destany is determined by your decissions and decissions determine your destany- Keith Moore". That statement is so true .
     You have the ability to be and do almost anything it's up to you and how you deal with each life event as it comes right now. ............. DJ.
I have been asked about Alzheimer's Disease quite a few times lately. So I would like to tell you my take on this to cover several letters at one time.
       Alzheimer's Disease is in my view one of the worst diseases facing man today. It slowly robs you of your ability to comunicate , express yourself or even care for yourself. Eventually ending up in what is viewed as a catatonic state.
I worked in cronic care facilities as a CNA & PNA nursing assitant. The only difference between my training and an RNA of today is they can give meds while I was not able to. Everything else I did like any other nurse .
        Ok so with my background as a  CNA & being psychic gave me a different view on things than others. I am asked do they know I am there? Can they recognise me?
        To start with this disease is a very frustraiting one. the more you loose ability the more frustraited you become. Then in the finnal stages of the disease catatonia. The thing is your still you the disease doesn't deteriorated your brain just the connections to almost everything else. Although it seems to attack mostly the things we contiously make use of from movement to speach. The subcontious functions like breathing , and over all health keep going along fine in most cases.
    Ok now the big one you are still you in that body that no longer works the way you wish it to. And the homes mandate is to keep you as healthy as possible for as long as possible for financial gains. It is very hard on family to watch a person slowly loose their abilities and then seem to not know who you are anymore. I want you to know that they do know you they just can't express it anymore. Even the ungifted can see the emotions in the patients eyes. In many cases the mind has a saftey mech. where it helps you to find a memory and you relive that memory as if your there. Alot of people go into good memories but I have met a few that have gone into war time or painful memories . Many have no family that even come see them anymore being that it is hard on them to see you like this.
      It was an honor to work with the people I did who had this awful disease. I would talk to them and make time for them . They need company and caring more than ever .
    I do hope the day comes that a cure is found for this disease. Until then though don't forget those who are suffering from this. Make time and visit a loved one as much as you can. They do know your there . If they are in a memory you might take the shape of another person in the memory but they do know your there. Try not to ask them things it only ftrustraits them since they can't respond. Tend to tell them things how your doing how the family is or even the news of the day . The point is to be there for them.
On a personal note : I had an Alzheimer patient die in my arms one day. The feeling as she passed of peace and freedom was overwelming. She had no family and nobody had been to visit her as long as I had worked there. She had plaques on the wall for over 20yrs of living there with this aweful disease. Plaques from various prime minisiters etc. She was one of my favorites and I remember how her eyes would sparkle when I came into her room. Just happy to seem me again. I also seen alot of pain in those eyes and felt through my gifts.  It was amazing to be present when it was her time to go on home. I could feel the energy leaving the light fading within and then the euphoria she felt as she was going home. Then the energy and everything increased as she returned to her body. This went on three more times until she finnally was gone.
    She thanked me for being there for her and I watched as she headed into the light with her family members & guides.
As amazing as that experience was it was one of so many and a facility like that is not the best place for a psychic/medium. Yes we can help but we also run the risk of burning out or worse. So I had to leave the nursing field . I just couldn't do death on a daily basis anymore. But I will never ever forget all those lovely souls I helped and who helped me ........ DJ.

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I answer these questions and letters based on my gifts, experience and personal opinon. You have the right to agree or not with me. That's the beauty of living in a country that is free.
Remember all those who faught for our freedom not just November 11th but all yr long. May we never forget the sacrfices of those who came before us so we may be free.  DJ