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Ghosts? & Evidence

New A recent story out of Torbay Newfoundland was in the paper and online I will post the pics and story. Judge for yourself I see two dif entities that were capture a dark one and a light ghost. It all started with a couple security men being harassed with stones. Unable to find anyone they took a couple pictures which has surprised them what they captured.

Torbay NFLD

Full Story click here of the Torbay Ghost and the two pictures taken

The Heat is on?  
On June 28th of this yr 2012 a friend and client of mine had a very strange experience.  Today is the 2nd of July so it was last week this happened and I have been to the location several times since.
He wants to remain anonymous so I will call him Dave.
Dave and is girlfriend Tammy live in a condo temporarily while looking for a new home to purchase. This condo happens to be in what use to be an old restaurant / hotel that also sits on some very active land. There has been alot of history there over the yrs and because the condo's are built within the building with little separation any spirits or ghosts within wander the entire building.
    Before I go further I must say that Tammy also a client and friend is very gifted (energy worker and healer who can sense spirits). They have had minor issues with the paranormal while living here' but on the night of June 28th something much stranger happned.
  Dave went to bed after a very long day while Tammy stayed up on the computer for a while. When Dave woke soaked in sweat profusely draining off him and said aloud Im on fire.......He got up right away looking around the room and at the bed but seen nothing. So he comes out to Tammy and says I'm on fire and sat down. She was shocked how red and how profuse he was sweating . Dave was a site, eyes wide and not understanding what was going on, hard for them to say just how long it lasted . After showering to cool off, ruffly an hour later he felt ok but very confused as to what just happened. Being clients they contacted me right away..... I had felt the ghost of a cook many times before when I visited and this cook had died in a fire. This was the first thing to come to my mind when they called me. Since the event was over I had them sage the house at which time Dave was able to go to sleep the rest of the night.
   I came out the following day and did a walk through and could feel really bad energy in the hall between the living room and bedroom area , so I saged and did a protection for them clearing the negitive energies out of the area. Dave and Tammy tell me things have been pretty good since I did that.
That night  Dave was adjusting the blancket and sheets when he noticed the blanket was partly melted....... right below where he was laying. There is no way this could have happened by natural means. They do not smoke and there was nothing in the bedroom to cause such a thing no candles nothing. Needless to say this shocked both of them and when they showed it to me I was suprised to see this. No marks at all on Dave of any kind yet the blanket he layed on started to melt.
To me I feel this was the ghost of this cook trying to connect or possess Dave. This isn't something that happens often but when it does and there is any evidence its nice to have. They asked me to tell you all about this and show you the pictures of the blanket that I took . So here are the pictures of the blanket that Dave was laying on the night he felt like he was on fire.

Underside of blanket melted
click to look at larger picture

Hand next to it shows scale
click for larger pic

Top side of blanket no marks at all

This is the bed and the blanket

Pretty amazing how he felt on fire no marks on him and after to find that part of the blanket he layed on was melting. No signs of flame or any other source in the room at all.
Thank you for letting me share this with everyone I hope you find it as interesting as we did. Dave was not harmed in any way and is glad to say only 18 more days before they move into their new home.
I wish them well in their new home and hope this is the last time for any unwanted heat for Dave. Blessings DJ.

Paranormal pic

Above is a picture taken this summer by my daughter. She was in NFLD going to Marrystown and just took this snap with her cell cam. She noticed something different about a week ago. Upon close inspection there seems to be a face and head in the centre and to the left of that a line or pole going up and down which leads to a circle of lights. The pole being in the centre of the circle. I will try to get a better closer view but this is the original as it was found. If you save it to a file on your pc adjust to the best resalution then use a magnifying glass you can see more in the pic.


The above picture is a screen shot of Ghost Rider from comic,comic books/ novels,cartoons,movies & now digital in video games. Just an example of how far this one example of a paranormal character has come.
Below is a picture taken by a friend of ours who teach's photography at college. This night she and her class were taking pictures by the bay . This is the very last picture of the night . Of one person looking over the water standing by herself no bags nothing. The picture is protected and not allowed to be used without permission of the photographer.

click on the pic to enlarge
(No unautherized use of the picture is allowed)

Look close and you will see  several spirits in various dress with bags of various kinds .... even the one beside the woman who is the only real person in the pic was not there when the picture was taken.
Picture was taken on a digital camera and was not doctored in anyway. It has been certified authentic and carefully recorded from camera to print directly.
(No unautherized use of the picture is allowed.)

Boot Hill Photo
Taken by Ike Clanton ......... yes distant relative of the Ike Clanton

This photo was shot at Boothill Cemetery in  Tombstone
Arizona by Ike Clanton cousin of the legendary Clanton
Gang who shot it out at the OK Corral with the Earps and Doc
Holliday. Clanton, also the webmaster of  
TombstoneArizona.com says  "This is the photo that changed
my opinion about ghost photos." He insists no one was in the
background when the picture was shot. Pictured is a friend of
Clantons, the picture was made to look like a old west type
photograph by using black and white film and the cloths his friend has on. It was  a month later this friend called Ike to say did you look closer at the picture you took of me? And there was the shock of all shocks for both of them.
This picture has been verfied as untampered and is to this day unexplained.
This photo was recently featured on a show called Ghost Lab on Discovery Channel here in Canada. The  photo was taken on boot hill and in Tombstone AZ.



Josh Gates Romanian Forest

Update: Romanian Haunted Forest Destination Truth

   I posted the video clip from this episode of DT. But they have since blocked all you tube clips. I have since found a still shot which is posted below from this episode. You can watch the entire episode for a small fee online Amazon and I tunes etc . It really is to bad they blocked us from seeing the video evidence because to me it is really exciting evidence. The DT team are on location this is thier second day middle of the night . Investigating a haunted Romanian forest with claims of strange creatures , illness and many other claims including a clearing where nothing grows . The team tested the soil you can see in the full episode and there is no reason things shouldn't be growing in the centre of the dead area. Both soil samples come back the same so mystery there. What got me was how fast a grown man litterally disapears from site . From a sitting position to gone in a matter of fractions of a second. I am very interested in any thoughts on this episode if you feel like writting me.

Evan is sent out to do the next isolation session. He hears female voices from the woods behind him. Then he seems to suddenly vanish in a flash of light.

The team rushes to the clearing and finds him lying on the ground several feet from where he had been sitting, somewhat unresponsive and in shock. He has numerous with fresh linear scratches “like clawmarks” up his arms, which had been covered by sturdy sleeves. When he finally recovers he says that “it felt like wind just blew at me,” and suddenly pushed him across the clearing. Replaying the footage frame by frame shows Evan caught in a split second with his arms blown up and out behind him, as though he had just been hit by an invisible force.

I will say this watch closely and rewatch. He says a wind comes down and right at me. You can see somthing coming at him just barely. Then it seems he is grabbed by the arm and gone. You decide what you see............ interesting.

Capture from DT Romanian Forest Episode

DT blog page about this episode click here.

(The episode is playing on this page for now...click here check it out.)